SEO Mistakes

In the race to become "SEO'd" many website owners and their designers make serious mistakes, especially since the launch of Google Panda.  Many self-proclaimed SEO experts have spent too much time focusing on inbound traffic and creating quality inbound links.  Unfortunately this often results in neglecting the most important facet of SEO: On-page optimization.  In the world of Search Engine Optimization it is key to tell Google and other search engines exactly what your site has to offer and this must be done utilizing keywords, keyphrases, keyword density, image tags, title tags, SEF urls just to name a few.  In our search for the most common SEO mistakes we've compiled a list of the 10 most important things to remember:

Do not forget about on-site optimization.  The first thing Google (and other search engines) does when visiting a site is to look at content.  Googlebot will index every piece of text on your website, both written within the page articles and hidden within image tags.  The phrase "Content is King" has been used over and over again for good reason so be sure that your content accurately represents the focus of your site.

  1. Your visitors ARE human.

    While much of the buzz surrounding SEO focuses upon Google and Googlebot (as we mention above ourselves) you need to remember that ultimately your website visitors are people, just like you and I.  Stuffing the page with keywords serves no purpose if the people that visit your site are unable to decipher what it is you're trying to say.  So writing about Georgetown SEO experts and Georgetown SEO ranking and Georgetown SEO professionals may "sound" like a good idea if you are trying to attract visitors via Google but YOU try reading a page stuffed with that same keyword over and over again.  Would you stay on that site?
  2. Cheap SEO companies are cheap for a good reason.  Hiring an offshore SEO company may sound like a viable, affordable option with their promises of first page ranking and the like.  However, the tactics used by many of these companies are often "black hat", meaning they often use fake links or use thousands of low quality inbound links.  This can result in exactly the opposite to what you're looking for and can actually lower your Google ranking.
  3. SEO does NOT happen overnight.  While we all want to be #1 for our desired keywords and keyphrases we have to remember that Google has remained the top search engine for a good reason: they return the best, most accurate results.  Thus, if you're competing for certain keywords for which other companies already rank you must be patient.  In addition, like anything else in the world, you HAVE TO work at it.  SEO requires hard work and dedication from both the client and the website design or SEO company.  Content must be unique and must directly relate to your industry and focus upon location (for example, Georgetown Ontario).
  4. SEO is not a "One-time" fix.  Not only does SEO take time but it also requires an on-going effort.  You may be ecstatic when discover that you've finally achieved first page ranking for your chosen keywords.  However, this does not mean you should stop.  Instead the process must continue in order to continually inform and update search engines.  The refers to EVERYTHING that you do on and off your website.  Content needs to be continually refreshed and added to in order to maintain that ranking for which you have worked so hard.