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We know that many small businesses in Georgetown have thought about having a website. The question is where do you start? What type of website should you be developing for your business? Can I manage the site myself? How am I going to get visitors to come to my site?

If you're looking for a professional website, yet one that allow you to retain that small business feeling, think GeorgetownWeb. Our clients choose us because they want to stand out from their competitors and do so in a way that has sustainable and measurable results. Furthermore, out clients want to know what a website can do for their business before designing their site.

GeorgetownWeb offers all of our potential clients free consultation. We do this without pressuring the small business owner to make an immediate commitment. The reason for this is because we too are a small Georgetown business. Our success relies on the success of our business partners. As such it is our goal to ensure the absolute satisfaction of every customer. There are no surprises.

What we provide for you:

  • Consulting: to help you decide just what your small business needs to develop your online presence.
  • Georgetown Ontario Website Design: to design your site and provide your customers with an attractive, professional, and easy to use site. We're also great at revamping pre-existing but slightly outdated Web sites!
  • Web Hosting: powerful, fast, and reliable servers to ensure that your web site loads quickly and is always available.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Will developing my website cost me thousands of dollars?

A: No, the majority of small business websites exist to provide customers with important information about their business. While it is essential to keep your site up-to-date there is not a need for you to have a massive website resulting in exorbitant costs.

Q: Why should I even bother having a website?

A: Because your customers are on the internet right now. The majority of households in Canada now use the internet to search for information. Think about it... you yourself are using the internet right now to read information about Georgetown Website Design. Your customers think in the same way. They expect to be able to find the information they are looking for at the click of the mouse.

In addition, your business partners are also using the internet as a tool to enhance their business. Searching the web is an amazing tool for businesses to source new suppliers. Thus if you don't have a website you're losing potential customers.

Q: Can I track the effectiveness of my website?

A: This is an essential question when using any marketing tool. Think of the amount of time and money you have spent marketing your business through newspapers, print media and perhaps even radio and television. The problem is the inability to track the effectiveness of each of these marketing tools.

The difference with a website is that you CAN track it's effectiveness. Through our comprehensive online stats program you'll be able to see exactly how many people visit your site every month. In addition, you'll know exactly where they came from. Using this tool will allow you to modify your marketing strategy (if required) to best utilize your advertising dollars.

Q: How will I get people to visit my website?

A: One of the most troublesome aspects of developing a website is getting the hits (a hit represents a request for information on your site) and visitors (a true method of tracking involves the number of "unique" visitors each month). GeorgetownWeb is adept at getting you the maximum number of hits. Not only will we optimize your site for all the search engines but we will also submit and promote your website free of charge.


Q: What about Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Pinterest?  Should I be using these?

A: When it comes to Social Media you are looking at something called SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and this is absolutely essential in developing a new website.  We have exceptional experience in utilizing Social Media to place our clients at the top of Google searches for their related fields.  More more information please visit our blog on SEO.

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